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Philodendron hedaraceum var hederaceum 'Micans'



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This is another Philodendron that comes with a long list of common names and even various scientific synonyms. Originally identified in 1829, its scientific synonyms are Arum hederaceum (1760), Philodendron scandens (1853), Philodendron prieurianum (1853), Philodendron micans (1854), Philodendron cuspidatum, (1854), Philodendron microphyllum (1854), Philodendron oxycardium (1856),  Philodendron oxyprorum (1856), Philodendron hoffmannii (1858), Philodendron acrocardium (1858), Philodendron pittieri (1899), Philodendron harlowii (1949), Philodendron miduhoi (1950).

Its common names vary as well, based on the different appearances that Philodendron hederaceum has: Heart leaf Philodendron, Velvet Philodendron and Velour Philodendron are all different names for this same plant, generally referred to currently by collectors as Philodendron micans.

With velvet leaves that love to climb, these are excellent plants that will keep on giving. Easily grown indoors, and without any particular care requirements, this is on our list of classic must-have plants.

The red underside and velvet sheen will gradually change as the plant reaches maturity, but this is not very common when grown as an indoor plant.

Indoor Care

Bright, indirect light. No direct sun.

Water when top inch approaches dryness. 

Keep humidity high when possible.

Pro tip: Does not like chemicals, sprays or buildup sitting on the leaves. Velvet leaves need to be kept clean, showering or rinsing them off with water is a good option. 


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