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GardenRx Foliar Spray 500ml



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Our favourite gentle, natural foliar spray derived from vermicompost. We use this versatile tonic all the time in our grows and couldn't imagine going without.


GardenRx is made from Certified Organic: humus, composted plant particles, and minerals which are processed through vermicomposting. GardenRx is the extraction of these ingredients under natural conditions, providing bio-available essential elements and amino acids that are highly beneficial to the health of all types of plants, indoor and outdoor.


Apply to any type of plant in the garden (vegetable, flower, grass, vine, etc..). Mist on leaves and stems of plants taller then 2.5cm/1inch 3 x per season/grow cycle, once at the start, in the middle and before the end. For plants in distress, apply weekly until the plant has recovered. For indoor plants, apply monthly or with new growth.

We personally turn off our grow lights when using any foliar spray. If you do not use grow lights, apply early morning or in the evening to make sure the product is absorbed before it is in bright sun.