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Anthurium clarinervium



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Originally found in the southern Mexico state of Chiapas, they grow heart-shaped leaves with very thick leaves. This is a terrestrial plant that is sometimes epipetric (growing over rocks), with very distinct veins.

In our opinion these are the easiest Anthurium to grow indoors because of their tolerance to average home conditions. The perfect beginner's plant to set you up for future success with more advanced, nuanced species. 

Blooms readily and can grow to an extravagant size when cared for properly. 


Indoor Care

Bright, indirect light. No direct sun.

Water when top inch approaches dryness. 

Keep humidity high when possible.

Pro tip: fertilize regularly and always use a chunky, amendment-rich medium when repotting. Colder temperatures may induce the production of flowers over foliage. 


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